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Another journey begins…

Posted on: March 29th, 2012 by Andrew Syvret

It’s been an OK day ~ Pilgrim is out of the water & being worked on plus a small sample of one of our favourite sea vegetables was very well received by the main man at one of the Island’s finest eating establishments. More soon on this.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the Bay, I suspect heading off around the northwest cliffs late in the day, we won’t see these brent geese again until Autumn…

Courage mes braves!


Posted on: March 28th, 2012 by Andrew Syvret


We are still updating the blog, shifting from Blogware to WordPress. Thank you Scott.

Meanwhile, climate change is getting well out of hand in the town harbour…



À bétôt!


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‎3 swallows & a sandmartin at St Ouen's Pond today, according to Jersey Birds. Thought I might have seen one this morning with the skylarks & stonechats on Les Blanches Banques, maybe I did.


Evening edit: & the first shore caught mackerel we've heard of this year too…



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I got damp making this :)

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After a winter of tireless research we have a few new walks this year, beginning in just less than one month’s time. If folks like them, we may do more…

How the Ouest was Ouen- explore the upper shore at the northern end of St Ouen’s Bay. Take a stroll along the strandline amid the flotsam and jetsam, preferred habitat of the beachcomber, whilst learning about the evolution of our largest bay, in the shadow of the historic sea defences that have made our west coast what it is today. Just a couple of hours, for the National Trust as part of their “Stepping Out” programme.

Grève to Grantez With a L’Etacq Limpet & Sea Vegetable Lunch – sample rustic Jersey at its best. Set out along the northwest cliff path from Grève de Lecq, look for puffins on the way to Plemont, enjoy the vista of the other Channel Islands from Grosnez Castle, to pause overlooking sacred Pinnacle Rock. Learn about “Stinky Bay”, location of some of Jersey’s most interesting geology & ancient seaweed gathering spot. Then stride across the northern sands of the Island’s largest beach, before adjourning to a vantage point near the dolmen at Les Monts, for a specially foraged and truly local “wild food” experience.

Green Street to Gorey – visit the beaches of five different parishes on an ebbing tide wander through the upper reaches of the Channel Island’s first Ramsar Wetland of International Importance. From Havre des Pas, original site of the celebrated Jersey Marine Biological Station, stroll through Le Dicq and Grève d’Azette – favourite haunts of Victor Hugo. Next, you’ll discover Green Island, Le Hocq and La Rocque, each with its own fascinating history, before heading round the south eastern corner of the Island to traverse the wide, rich sands of the Royal Bay of Grouville. The final part of the journey brings you to Mont Orgueil Castle, overlooking picturesque Gorey Harbour.
 For more details please see the above link.
MV Pilgrim will be back on the water after an annual service and spruce up on 02 April - we look forward to receiving your cruise enquiries.
A printed brochure with dates and times will be available soon – do let us know if you are on Island and want one, or some…

À bétôt!


A weekend of clouds and waves…

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